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Diwali 2013

10 Nov

One week after Diwali, our Tamil community here planned a celebration yesterday.
Lot of sweets, everyone in celebration mood, Diwali seemed to have extended a week longer to keep up the mood. But this time we did something in addition to the usual celebration.

Hubby dear took a break from his work and worked together with a charity organization in India. Together with Directorate of Education in Dharamshala, he helped to setup a curriculum for schools in ‘Creative Computing’. This is a four year curriculum being implemented in two schools as a Pilot run. I could see that how satisfied he was during and after such  work. He also supported the organization to sell community made products by starting an ECommerce project. This will let them generate continuous fund for their charity work and help local community to have a sustainable income.

I have been thinking to do some something like this for a long time…As my part, I wanted to support him and and do not know how and where to start. Surprisingly some idea struck me and without any delay I went for it.
There was only two days left for Diwali celebration and get together with friends…

I decided to set up a small sweet stall to raise some fund. I made varieties of sweets and savories to sell. We collected some money for charity as most of my friends were supportive for the good cause. We are quiet happy to raise some money to support the ECommerce initiative. Although not a huge amount, I am quiet happy that I am able to contribute a very small part of it… My heartfelt thanks to all my friends who supported me on this.
Looking forward to do another event when I get a chance…..

Boondi Ladoo

Almond Pinwheel sweet

Fried gram Murukku


Sweets ready to be packed…Sweet platter

I Wish everyone HAPPY DIWALI 2013….


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Churros & Estadi Olimpic

13 Jun

Churros is a Spanish light sweet Savoury dish available in Spanish cafe’s.  It is usually served during breakfast or dinner. There can be quite a few variations  made in this dish, although the shape of the Churros maintained like ridges.  The variations can be  from  selection of flour( either All purpose flour or Wheat flour) to which oil is used to fry. Finally the savoury can be sprinkled with sugar or served with hot chocolate sauce.

Churros are also available in other countries like Cuba, Brazil ,peru, Chile ,Mexico ,Argentina with slight variations as it filled with caramel, chocolate and vanilla. (Wikipedia)

I used All purpose flour, Canola oil and Sugar for sprinkling. Tastes like doughnut. Soft and slight crispy, should be served warm.

Here is the Recipe


  1. All purpose flour – 1 cup
  2. Boiling hot water – 1,  3/4 cup
  3. Salt – 1/4 tsp
  4. Baking powder – 1/2 tsp (optional)
  5. Canola Oil – 200 ml
  6. Sugar – 5 Tbs


1. Mix the Flour, salt and boiling water in a bowl with the help of spatula to make a dough which is sticky.

2. In a small pan heat the oil. Fill the dough in a pastry bag and using star shaped nostril pipe the dough slowly in to the oil.

3. Fry for approx 5 min by turning to other side or until it becomes golden brown color.

4. Once it is done, sprinkle sugar on top of the Churros as it settles on the ridges.


Estadi Olimpic — Olympic Stadium.

In last few posts, I have been covering the some of the Barcelona attractions. Today’s post is about Barcelona Olympic stadium. For me, the moment I hear or talk about about Barcelona, the first thing that strikes to my mind is this Olympic stadium and the year 1992.  This was during my school days, we used to sit together and watch the games with my family.

The Olympic Torch of Barcelona Olympic Stadium

The Olympic stadium Barcelona

Olympic ring structure in Barcelona city. Behind the ring, you can see the ships waiting in the harbour.


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