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Jasmine Fennel Tea

21 Apr

Jasmine flower fragrence  from my garden reminded me of drinking Jasmine tea. So this time, i tried Fennel and Jasmine together ,which gave a very good flavor and taste. Jasmine tea is a healthy beverage and it is proven that it gives relaxing feeling and promotes weight loss. Fennel tea also has a great medicinal values of relieving colic pain for children.

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Tip:  All flowers are not edible. So be cautious when you are trying to use it in your recipe.

Ingredients for serving 1 cup:

  1. Jasmine Tea – 1 Tea bag
  2. Fennel – Fresh ground seeds – 1 Tsp  or  Fennel Tea – 1 tea bag
  3. Water –  1 Cup
  4. Sugar –  1 Tsp


1. Remove the tea powder from tea bags. Boil the water and add fennel and jasmine tea boil it for 5 mins.

2. Filter it in a glass and add sugar to it. Enjoy the flavor of Jamine and Fennel.


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