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A Simple Mocktail and a Super Moon…..

23 Mar

March 19th 2011 was a historic and special day for few reasons. Holi festival, Supermoon and a cool mocktail. Holi is a religious Hindu festival celebrated on the last full moon day during feb and March. During this day people share their happiness by spraying different colors on friends,family and neighbours. For Riya, it was her first time in preparing mocktail all by herself. All decorations were her own ideas. This mocktail is a mix of apple juice and water. I was slicing some mango pieces for dinner, and then she asked me one for her to taste. But after few minutes, when she showed me the final product , it was really cool. I can already see that she started showing lot of interest in my area.

While this was going on, we were all excited to watch the Supermoon in sky. It was amazing to watch the beautiful bright moon.Supermoon is our own moon, but on this special day, it came closer to earth in its elliptical orbit. It is also called lunar perigee.  Though the moon was bigger, it was unable to differentiate with naked eye. Lasttime it happened 18 years ago.

Bright Supermoon.

A Closer view of  Supermoon…

Supermoon view from our city…


Watermelon Juice

14 Jul

Germany is getting Hot, Hotter and Hottest these days. All over the europe the temperatures are high compared to the previous years. Last weekend the temperature climbed up to 40 degrees. As this is unsual weather and there are no Fans and Airconditions installed in the buildings, it was just difficult to bare the heat waves. People close all the doors with shutters and just being inside or they were queuing up themselves in Swimming pool, taking cold water bath.

But it is also important to cool our body inside. Cucumber, watermelon has lot of water content that helps cooling the body. Watermelon has added up to our everyday intake, either by juice or in pieces. I bet that no juice is such refreshing when you have it in a hot weather.

Here is the very simple recipe for watermelon juice.


  1. Watermelon – 2 cups,the flesh cut in to small pieces
  2. Lemon juice – Juice from 1/2 lemon
  3. Sugar – 3 tbs


1. Just add all the ingredients and mix it in a mixer.

2. Please rembember to cool it, berfore serving.

Note: You can cut the watermelon pieces and store it in a box. As and when needed it can be used to making juice or having just like that.


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Jasmine Fennel Tea

21 Apr

Jasmine flower fragrence  from my garden reminded me of drinking Jasmine tea. So this time, i tried Fennel and Jasmine together ,which gave a very good flavor and taste. Jasmine tea is a healthy beverage and it is proven that it gives relaxing feeling and promotes weight loss. Fennel tea also has a great medicinal values of relieving colic pain for children.

To Know more about Jasmine Tea benefits, visit

Tip:  All flowers are not edible. So be cautious when you are trying to use it in your recipe.

Ingredients for serving 1 cup:

  1. Jasmine Tea – 1 Tea bag
  2. Fennel – Fresh ground seeds – 1 Tsp  or  Fennel Tea – 1 tea bag
  3. Water –  1 Cup
  4. Sugar –  1 Tsp


1. Remove the tea powder from tea bags. Boil the water and add fennel and jasmine tea boil it for 5 mins.

2. Filter it in a glass and add sugar to it. Enjoy the flavor of Jamine and Fennel.


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Strawberry Banana Smoothie

20 Apr

Ingredients to serve 2 cups:

  1. Fresh strawberry – 5 big roughly cut into small pieces
  2. Banana – 1/2 cut in to pieces
  3. Milk – 1 cup
  4. Sugar – 3 Tsp


1. Add strawberry, banana, milk and sugar in to mixer and blend it to get lovely smoothie.


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Strawberry & Lemon Cocktail

12 Apr

Ingredients :

  1. Lemon – 1
  2. sugar – 3 Tsp
  3. salt – a pinch
  4. Strawberry sirup or sauce – 2 Tsp

Method :

1. Squeeze the lemon to take the juice of it . Filter the juice to remove any seeds.

2. Add sugar and salt and 1 cup of water to lemon juice and mix it well.

3. Add the lemon juice in a glass and finally pour the strawberry sirup. Decorate with slice of lemon.

4. You can see the nice separation of color and mix of lemon and strawberry in the middle.

Tip :  You can try this with blueberry and cherry sirup too.

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