Paella and (Fuente Mágica de Montjuic)

12 Jul

Paella is a famous main course food from spain. The appearance resembles quite a bit like Italian risotto or an Indian Biriyani, although the ingredients and the variety of rice used in these dishes are different. I have tried Paella with chicken and veggie paella. But today’s post is SEAFOOD Paella.

Paella is actually the name of the pan used to make this preparation. There are different names such as Paella valencian, Paella verduros that differentiate the types and ingredients used in it. I have a used a normal pan for making this, but Spanish like to use the traditional Paella pan. The ingredients for this sea food paella is simple, but it tastes really delicious.

A click on menu board of the road side bar….You can see Paella in there and almost every restaurant has it in their menu card.

Here is the recipe…


  1. Bomba Rice –  3oo gms
  2. Fish stock – 400 ml
  3. Water – 200 ml
  4. Salmon – 250 gms, cleaned and cut in to pieces
  5. King prawns – 100 gms
  6. Olive oil – 2 Tsp
  7. Garlic – 5 flakes, minced
  8. Chilli flakes – 1/4 tsp
  9. Red Bell Pepper – 1
  10. Onion – 1, finely chopped
  11. Tomatoes – 2 , finely chopped
  12. Peas – 1/4 cup (frozen green peas)
  13. Orange food color a pinch or saffron a little
  14. Salt for taste


1.  Add the oil to the hot pan. Add the onions and garlic and saute it till golden brown color.

2. Add the tomatoes and cook it for approx 5 min, till the tomatoes are smashed and cooked.

3. Now add the bell pepper ,peas , food color, chilli flakes,salt and mix it up. Add the rice and nicely coat it with the ingredients in the pan for about 5 minutes.

4. Add the fish stock and let it cook for 10 minutes. At later point in time you can add the water and let it cook for another 1o minutes in slow flame. (when you cook in a flat pan, there is no extra space to add all the liquid together. So add it time to time)

5. Now the rice is almost done. Add the fish pieces and prawns to the rice and cook for another 5 minutes.

Tip :

1. Add the favorite seafood of your choice. You can show your creativity in this dish very well. Just add the vegetables , seafood and meat and make it look colorful.  Instead of fish stock, you can also try with chicken stock.

2. For vegetarian version, just replace seafood and add veggies of your choice,  some legumes of your choice and use vegetable stock.


In my previous posts, I have been sharing my Barcelona vacation experience and some of the pictures. On this series today, I am going to add a little bit about this famous Magic Fountain in Barcelona.

Fuente Mágica de Montjuic — The Magic fountain of Barcelona

Tremendous colorful water fountain which dances beautifully along with music. It is simply amazing and a great pleasure to watch this wonderful fountain. Anyone who like to enjoy their evening and would like to have a pleasant feeling , I would definitely recommend this fountain as one of the best attractions one should visit. The musical fountain is seeasonal and opened every day from 10Pm to 11.30pm.

Some of the pictures………

Entrance to this fountain

Look at the powerful flash lights behind the building focussing to the sky.

One of the better way for sight seeing in Barcelona is to choose the Open top  touristic Bus. One can able to complete almost all the places in a day or two. This Bus exactly takes the visitor in front of the attractions and the visitor can decide to hop off and hop on at their favorite attractions.

Thanks for taking time to read the story. Okey….Thats all about my vacation experiences  Barcelona. I would like to say Adios  (Bye) to spain at this moment and my next posts will resume with other cusinies.


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  1. Priya

    July 12, 2010 at 5:56 pm

    Beautiful fountain clips, ur camera captured them prefectly..Paella looks delicious and tempting..

  2. praniskitchen

    July 12, 2010 at 9:56 pm

    really delicious and healthy dish.. very rich one have fish shrimp sure taste really yumm..
    The pics are superb dear.. hope u had a wonderful time

  3. love2cook

    July 13, 2010 at 12:57 am

    WOW, such an inviting dish dear! Loved all the pics up there! Thanks for sharing…;)

  4. Sushma Mallya

    July 13, 2010 at 2:36 am

    wow very beautiful place and very tempting dish too…

  5. Manju Rajender

    July 13, 2010 at 6:38 am

    Sridevi, the photos are awesome andd still the Spain episode continues. Thanks for the pella recipe.

  6. Suman Singh

    July 13, 2010 at 11:18 am

    oh that looks incredibly delicious..wanted to make this at home since long…must try this one soon..thanks for sharing this Sri…

  7. tasteofbeirut

    July 13, 2010 at 3:30 pm

    Love paella; don’t make it that often though due to the lengthy process but thanks for reminding me of how delicious it is. I have been told by people like my brother who has lived in many cities that Barcelona is by far the best place to live.

  8. Suja Sugathan

    July 28, 2010 at 3:17 pm

    Inviting dish dear..true looks like Indian Biryani..look lovely with those beautiful shrimps..superb pics , amazing.